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The last season would have been so much better if all of Miami Metro knew what he was and it was one season-long manhunt for him. Perhaps a tearful scene where Deb catches him but lets him get away would have been better. Debra lost her mother at a young age too and was raised by Harry, who only had eyes for Dexter and nurtured his need to kill , who was led to believe that Dexter was Harry’s favourite.

Debra is the final death (as well as Dexter’s final kill) in the original series. She is Dexter’s final victim before his hiatus from killing, which lasted for almost ten years. Debra, along with Jonah Mitchell, was one of the only two people who knew that Dexter killed The Trinity Killer. However, she learned far more about the event than Jonah, including the truth of what happened to Rita and some of what Dexter felt in hunting Trinity and his failure to prevent her death.

Dexter ultimately decides not to kill him, however, and asks her to arrest Saxon. Debra arrives just as Saxon is killing Deputy U.S. Marshall Cooper and draws her weapon. However, Saxon gets the drop on her and shoots her in the abdomen.

Rita often felt like more of a plot device than a fully realized character. She endured an unnecessary amount of pain during her four-season run, starting at the hands of her abusive ex-husband Paul. She then experienced the emotional turmoil that came with dating a serial killer who lived a double life, only to be murdered.

Deb is one of few characters to discover the truth about Dexter Morgan and continue to survive after the fact until her death in the Series Finale. The only other character currently alive with knowledge of what Dexter does is Lumen Pierce. Later on, at Miami Metro, Debra encounters Dexter to find out about what new evidence he has on the killer. He proceeds to tell her about an Ice Truck, which then leads to believe the killer has been using transportation to mobilize his victims, and an Ice Truck is perfect to preserve the victims in the state they have been found.

Sal Price – In Season Seven, Price, a true crime author, enlisted her help in investigating Hannah McKay. They went on several dates but, eventually, Debra left him because of her growing attraction to Frank Lundy. Debra Morgan had one of the most developing careers in the Miami Metro Police Department. In 2001, she joined the police department and spent three years in patrol before moving on to Vice in 2004. Born to Doris Morgan and Harry Morgan, Debra was the adoptive sister of Dexter, whom Harry had rescued from the Shipping Yard, 5 years before her birth. As a child, she was somewhat of a tomboy in trying to match her big brother’s abilities.

Now assured of Arthur’s guilt, Dexter begins to make plans to kill him. Dexter’s original series finale was famously controversial. However, several seasons before the serial killer drama’s conclusion, another contentious ending rocked its audience.

Dexter: New Blood

LaGuerta runs with this theory, even going to Matthews with her suspicions. She resorts to releasing Hector Estrada, one of the men who killed Dexter’s mother, in order to catch Dexter in the act. Unfortunately, Stan Liddy refuses to let his assignment go. He manages to get his hands on video footage of Lumen and Dexter dumping one of the Barrel Girl Gang’s bodies in the usual spot. When Liddy tries to blackmail Dexter, Dexter kills him and accidentally leaves evidence on Quinn’s shoe.


As for feature films, she starred with Rufus Sewell in the horror movie The Devil’s Hand and alongside Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson in the action thriller Dragged Across Concrete. Carpenter has also landed lead roles in two TV shows since Dexter, playing the romantic interest in Limitless as well as a complicated villain in The Enemy Within. Her next upcoming project is the drama A Mouthful of Air, which also stars Britt Robertson and Amanda Seyfried. He then takes her body out to his boat, and drops it into the sea, after calling Hannah and Harrison to ensure they are safe.

But after Dexter received a voicemail from Rita saying she forgot her identification and needed to return home to retrieve it, he frantically called her phone. Rita Bennett was unceremoniously murdered in the Dexter Season 4 finale. The details behind her death were just as disturbing as the act itself. The soundtracks are the ones that did it for me, from the beginning of the episode with the tragic scene till the end of the episode with the happy scene, it really gets to me everytime. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter began dating in real life in 2007. In a bizarre attack of conscience after hunting down a killer for so long, Dexter decides to show mercy and let him go, so that Debra can have a career rewarding arrest.

Attempted to Kill Debra

The season received critical acclaim before airing, including that from Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, who saw the fourth season as being «bloody promising». The season opener was leaked to the Internet ahead of schedule in late August 2009. The fourth season premiered in the UK on the FX channel on August 20, 2010. The popular TV show, Dexter inspired me to write this a long time ago.

Growing up, Debra craved the attention of her father and she envied Dexter for all the time that her father spent alone with him. Little did she know that Harry’s reasoning for doing this was not because he loved her any less, but that he was training Dexter to control his urges and how to get away with murder. Debra «Deb» Morgan is a main character in the Showtime series DEXTER. She was the adoptive sister of Dexter Morgan and worked for Miami Metro Homicide. When they meet Anton is a confidential informant for Joey Quinn and Deb seeks his help with her cases.

She stays in Dexter’s house while she deals with the trauma. In Season 8, Miami Metro is on the hunt for the Brain Surgeon, a serial killer who removes the portion of the brain that corresponds to empathy. To assist, they bring in Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist with particular expertise in psychopaths. Dexter quickly finds out that Dr. Vogel knew his father, and that she was the one who actually created Harry’s code.

This leads to Quinn’s arrest, forcing Dexter to fudge the blood report, though he denies doing any such thing when Quinn attempts to thank him. Complicating things further is the fact that Debra and Anton develop feelings for each other. Their inappropriate relationship comes hot on the heels of Agent Lundy leaving her for a new case, even though they’d planned to take an extended holiday together. Here, we begin to see how much romantic fallout has taken a toll on Debra, though she doesn’t let anyone but Dexter see it. While Debra and Quinn don’t officially hook up for a while, Season 3 sets the tone for their roller-coaster relationship.

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